Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i'm up.

I'm up.  studying for a final tomorrow.  My anatomy & physiology professor promised a 'Study Guide' on Thursday.  She posted it yesterday and I didn't get it until today.  It said helpful things like "know everything about the stomach" and "know everything about the pancreas."  OK, so... not so much helpful.  So here I am trying to make sure that all the little missed facts get crammed in somehow.

Anyhow, all this middle of the night, doubleshot-fueled studying reminded me of the note I wrote on Facebook a couple months ago.  I wanted to re-post it here for a Facebook-less friend. 
I'm in college. Again.

Today I went to college.  I’ve actually been going to college for a month now.  But today?  Today I went in my grubby jeans and my favorite 10 year old, bleach-spotted, Covenant Seminary sweatshirt.  It occurred to me as I walked from my car to class that in all my previous years of school and college, I never wore grubby jeans and a sweatshirt.  Christian schools and colleges are funny like that.  They tend to like skirts on women – at least they did in the *cough* 80’s.   I never set foot in a public school classroom until last month.

So, anyway, here I am going to community college to Freshman Comp (yes, again) and Human Anatomy and Physiology in my jeans and favorite sweatshirt, and I keep running into my kids’ friends who look at me as if I surely must be lost.  Then we have an awkward conversation that goes something like this:

Me:  Oh hi, I know you.
19 year old:  Hi, Mrs. Knorr – what are you doing here? (as if my backpack doesn’t give it away)
Me:  I’m taking classes – haha – I know, it’s hilarious.  And you really should call me Denise
19 year old:  Wow! OK.  That’s awesome.

And then there’s the sweet guy who talks on the phone to his girlfriend in the stairwell before class every day and opens the door for me every day and calls me ma’am.  every.  day.

OK.  It could be worse.

Wait, it is worse.  I guess I need bifocals!  The Walgreen reading glasses work just fine except they give me a headache and I cannot get the book far away enough from my face when I’m sitting in those desks.  It’s hilarious.  So I either have to keep them down on my nose and look over them to see the teacher and PowerPoint, or I have to slide them up on my head like a headband for my hair.  Half the time they only make it to my forehead.  I cannot imagine how ridiculous I must look to these kids.

But I am doing it.  I’m going back to school.  I’m starting over.  I’m almost 46 years old, but I guess that’s ok.

And so Jesus is in the business of making everything new.  He has been doing it and he will not stop.  It’s fun to watch.  Actually, it’s often been terrifying to watch.  But he is good and his love endures forever.

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