Tuesday, September 25, 2012

big day yesterday

After 4 years, 5 months and 19 days Rachel finally got her braces off.  I remember when the girls were little I said that I didn't want them to get braces because I knew they would be so crazy beautiful.  Not that I don't want them to be beautiful!  But, with beauty comes...well, boys. The boys somehow managed to come before the braces and with the braces and will now, I'm sure, keep coming.  But I was right.  She is beautiful.  And she was so excited.

Josh got his driver's license yesterday, too.  He was so sure he would fail it.  And, I gotta tell you, I could see the parallel parking going on out the window and I thought he was a goner (he had only tried 3 or 4 times on Sunday).  But he passed it!  So proud of him.  It was nice but scary to watch him drive off with my baby girl to school this morning.  I told Charis that it was her job to tattle if he texted or talked on the phone or listened to the music too loudly while driving.  He assures me that none of these things will happen.  right.

And I got my scores back from taking the ACT.  Yes, I did.  Oh, and I don't think I told anyone but my kids about the day I took the ACT.  I walk into the testing center at TU and there is a small group of Josh's friends.  "Hi, Mrs Knorr - is Josh taking the test today?!"  "No," I said. "I am."  "Oh cool!"  ya.  cool.  So my score was 5 points higher than when I took it in 1984, so that's good.  And hilarious.  I guess all that homeschooling was good for something!  ha!

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  1. yeah!!! i'm so impressed by the ACT score. I'm pretty sure i would be way worse at it now then I was back in the day (yes I know back in the day wasn't that long ago haha)